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1. Tell us what you need

1. Tell us what you need

Answer a few quick questions with our brief builder. Add video examples, important dates, deadlines & style guides

2. Receive Proposals & Quotes

2. Receive Proposals & Quotes

Our free service instantly alerts a targeted group of vetted crew for quotes to work with you. We can provide recommendations based on our knowledge of the community

3. Choose the best crew for the job

3. Choose the best crew for the job

Chat project details, compare profiles, recent work & verified reviews before booking in the best provider for your project.

4. Manage your project

4. Manage your project

Our safe payment system means you only release milestone funds when you’re happy with the work.

300+ vetted & reviewed video companies & freelancers Australia wide

Quick & secure online booking let’s you focus on the important things

Milestone payments – release funds when you’re happy with the work

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Crew Scout reviews:

  • "Its an amazing app you've put together. Works extremely well. We will be using it again I am sure."

    Aaron Crabb
    Aaron CrabbManaging Director - Slipstream
  • "We had a project that was pretty much a 2 day turnaround. Our biggest problem was selecting a team as the quality of pitches was so high! Anyway, the end product was fantastic, filmed and edited same day, couldn't be happier."

    Pat Jensen
    Pat JensenManager - City Community Tennis
  • "This is amazing! Where have you been?!! We will definitely be finding our video guys through you in the future, Morri was great!"

    Milane S
    Milane SJDL Strategies

Crew reviews:

  • "Adam is both left-brained right-brained, making a shoot with him a wonderful experience for our national broadcast project."


    CorkyPalaeo Films
  • "It started off as a complicated project with many time constraints placed on Motion Studios. However, after chatting to Gary he reassured me that he would be able to deliver 4 great TVCs, and that he did! He was extremely professional and managed to get the project done within an 8 hour period - a great effort! Thank you"


    Slavka BAustralian Vintage
  • "Phillip was great to work with, he showed professionalism and worked well within our team. We would love to work with him again!"


    FarhaAlexander Thomas Media Co.
  • "(Celluloid.Studio) Friendly, fun and professional! Really efficient too, had his editing completed in no time :)" four_and_a_half_startest2

    Kate FKate F
  • "(Derek is) a solid camera operator and sound recordist."

    Ed K
  • "Refine Media were outstanding and highly professional"



    Steve BIFX
  • "Morri is a great professional. I am 100% satisfied with the end result. He has been extremely helpful since the beginning of the project and the final results was simply amazing. I recommend Morri without any hesitation."


    Thomas VN/A

The best talent

Finding quality talent takes a lot of time (and a bit of luck), so we have done the hunting for you. We only approve the best video studios and freelance crew Australia has to offer.

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Our focus is for you to receive pitches from crew based on your specific video project needs.

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