5 reasons to use a video production marketplace

There seems to be a new marketplace popping up nearly everyday at the moment, from the huge multi-billion dollar behemoths like AirB&B & Uber to the more niche offerings in a range of different industries.

Truth is, marketplaces come in different sizes and ways of solving problems. Some marketplaces hand-pick their suppliers, some don’t. Some marketplaces enable customers to find a range of suppliers and sellers offering different services, some concentrate on one industry or niche. Some marketplaces have a listing fee, some charge a commission on a sale. Today we are going to go through 5 reasons to use a video production marketplace as well as the pros (and cons) of using a video production marketplace to find an expert to create your video.

1. The video marketplace has already done the hunting around for talent so you don’t have to.

With the explosion of the gig economy, there are thousands of videographers and video production companies in most Cities these days, this is a good thing as the more people doing it, the more talent there is to chose from! Sorting the good from the mediocre can take a lot of time though so by using a marketplace to list your project, you can usually select which skills you need (corporate video, tourism type videos, aerial videos, animation etc).


2. Creating competition to work on your project can save you money. 

By (securely) putting your project up for tender in one place in front of a lot of people, naturally creates a bit of healthy competition and brings out the best ideas and offers to work on your project. It also gives you a lot of choice on which video maker is best suited to your project at the best possible price.


Video Marketplace receiving pitches

Receiving and comparing your pitches from video makers after posting a project.


3. Increased security when paying for your project.

In Australia, it’s industry standard for suppliers to ask for 50% of the project up front before any work has begun, this can carry a bit of risk when you haven’t worked with that company before. Many marketplaces use an escrow system where the projects budget is put into a secure holding account.

This serves two purposes, you don’t hand over the fees until the work has been completed & suppliers are happy because they know the money is there waiting for them as soon as they deliver the work.


4. Get help when writing your brief / project scope.

When posting a project or submitting a job on an online marketplace, there are often a few pointers or even brief templates like this one and brief examples that you can use to help you write a succinct brief for your video campaign. A good video is made right from the beginning, by having a good brief written for video makers, it gives them a clear indication of what your after with your project.

It reduces the ‘grey area’ where what you have in your head may be slightly different to what the video makers think you want!


5. See honest & non-biased reviews from previous customers.

How many of us have seen testimonials on websites? Nearly every company has them but how do we know they are from legitimate customers? Supplier reviews on online marketplaces must come from previous customers on the marketplace which ensures that the reviews and testimonials that you are reading are genuine and non biased.


What are the cons?

Well there aren’t many, we genuinely believe this is by far the smartest way to find a video maker to make your video, whilst Crew Scout does not charge customers to post a project, receive pitches or even hire on the platform, some video marketplaces do charge a hefty listing fee which is something to watch out for.

Another possible point to be weary of is marketplaces who do not vet and curate their suppliers, this can result in lower costs to the customer but low quality work from inexperienced video makers. All suppliers on Crew Scout (such as freelance videographers, video production companies, video editors, Camera operators etc) are vetted and checked for a high quality of work to give customers piece of mind knowing that the people pitching to work with them are the top talent Australia has to offer.



Need a video? Crew Scout is an Australian video production marketplace with vetted video makers, a secure escrow payment system & supplier reviews from past clients. It’s completely free to post a project, receive pitches and hire a video maker on Crew Scout.





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