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How does the milestone payment system work – for crew

When pitching for projects on Crew Scout, you are asked to submit a payment plan which is the payment contract between you and the client.

This ensures that the funds for each stage of your project (as specified by you when pitching) are secured and waiting for you once the client has approved each stage of the project. We do not recommend undertaking work on the next project stage until the funds for that stage have been secured into escrow.

It is your responsibility to ensure these funds are secured before beginning the work. You can send requests to the client in seconds by visiting the financial tab in your project page.

If the client does not deposit the funds for the second milestone into escrow or does not release the first milestone from escrow after requesting , please get in contact to activate project protection.

How does the milestone payment system work – for buyers

When you receive a pitch to work on your project from a member of the community, a milestone payment plan will be attached, this outlines the payment contract that both parties will need to agree to before beginning the project.

There are usually 2 x  50% milestones in every project. Occasionally, some members might submit a payment plan that consists of only one 100% payment deposit, this is common in last minute / urgent projects and projects with only one task (such as a 1 day shoot for example).

When a buyer selects the winning content producer, they are required to deposit the funds specified by the winning content producer into our secure escrow account in order to activate the project. The funds are held here until you are happy with the work completed as specified in that project stage.

We recommend to all content producers not to begin the next stage of the project as specified in the payment plan until the funds have been deposited into our secure escrow account.

My budget is different to your budget suggestion tool.

No worries! We can help you.

Most of the time, our budget suggestion tool is accurate enough to land within the ballpark of your budget, you can then use the slider to tweak the budget to your desired amount. However, if your budget is higher or lower than the suggested amount then we can always work together in posting your project for your desired budget.

You can get in touch with us in a number of ways:

By using our live chat portal (during most business hours)

By giving us a call on (02) 9310 2942

By emailing us at team@crewscout.co


What is the ‘pitch selection image’?


When filling out your profile page you have the option to enter an additional image which is displayed in place of your normal profile image when a client selects your pitch and activates the project. This is designed to help show a bit of your or your companies personality now that you have won the job and will be working together.

It is up to you whether or not if you chose to add a new image here. If you leave it empty then your current profile picture will be displayed.

What do the ‘lower budget’, ‘good budget’ and ‘higher budget’ suggestions mean?

Is your budget higher or lower than the suggested budget amount? Get in touch via our live chat or give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 for a free consultation on your project needs.

You can also e-mail us your brief at team@crewscout.co

Good Budget Crew Scout

This is the best budget that the budget calculator has come up with based on the details and scope of your video needs.
You can expect pitches from a mix of production houses, boutique production companies and freelancers.

higher_budget_Crew Scout

If your budget falls into the ‘higher budget’ range according to the budget calculator, your project may attract more overall pitches as
well as more pitches from production houses, boutique agencies and more experienced, larger companies.

Lower budget Crew Scout

If your budget falls into the ‘lower budget’ range, you may receive a lower amount of overall pitches, the pitches
also mainly tend to come from experienced individual freelancers and producers.


How many rounds of feedback / changes can I submit?

When you receive a first version of your video(s) it is standard practice to submit two rounds of feedback & changes to the video creative, any more changes that are submitted are completed at the discretion of the individual video creative.

Any changes outside of the original project scope are completed at the discretion of the video creative and at this stage need to be arranged outside of the Crew scout platform.

To make sure you are completely happy with your finished video, we recommend that you consolidate all feedback within your team and submit them in one or two rounds.

I have an urgent project! I need to find someone fast!

No worries, thats what we are here for! To mark your project as urgent simply select ‘urgent‘ in the “Deadline for pitches from today:” drop down box at the bottom of step 2 when posting your project.

If you would prefer us to post your urgent project for you then give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 and we will get the ball rolling for you immediately.

When projects are posted as urgent we will immediately send out a targeted email to our video creatives letting them know that you need work to commence quickly! We also recommend mentioning in the project details text box, how urgent the project is, for example:

“We need to find someone to start filming our video first thing tomorrow, the moment a pitch comes in that we are happy with, we will choose straight away”

As with the nature of urgent projects, sometimes increasing your budget can also increase the amount of pitches you receive in a short mount of time.

We can also help spread the word about your project as well as help you shortlist your pitches,

contact us for more information.

How can we rate our experience on Crew Scout?

Telling us and future clients looking for quality video creative professionals about your experience using the platform is an integral part of us providing the best standard of talent possible.

The beauty of this is that when future project owners are viewing a video creatives profile page, they will be able to see your review as well as the video they made for you (providing you approve of this). This allows project owners to get a valuable insight into the video creatives’ personality and work ethic as well as a visual indication of the standard of their work.

It only takes a matter of seconds after you have approved your project to leave a review. Our vision is for Crew scout to be a place where quality work is done by talented professionals, these ratings allow us to make sure that we keep our standards high. It’s much appreciated by all users of the site!

Can I contact the Crew Scout team other than email?

Yes! You can reach us a few ways:

During East Coast Australia’s business hours:

  • By clicking on our live chat feature
  • By giving us a call, our phone number is (02) 9310 2942.
  • We are also available on Skype @crewscout if thats your thing…
  • If you’re in Sydney, you could also come say hello (we have coffee!) at Ground Floor, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, NSW, 2007

Outside of business hours:


What comes after a project is activated by a project owner?

Great news! You have found your chosen video creative! What now? Well it’s time to begin work on your project. Depending on what communication options you select when activating your project, we trust that you will be in contact with the video creative to begin planning.

You can either choose to communicate with the video creative through the conversations feature on the site or use your e-mail / phone etc. Once the video creative has done the work, it is up to them how they supply you with the video(s) for your two rounds of review / feedback (usually e-mail, file transfer, Crew scouts platform, vimeo or another third party service). Once you have provided your included one round of feedback, we ask video creatives to supply the final video by uploading it to the project page on Crew scout.

Here you can view the final video, approve, download & finally, leave a review describing your experience of working with the video creative.

Our site relies on clients leaving accurate reviews of their experiences working with our video creatives, it only takes a matter of seconds to leave a review and it is greatly appreciated by video creatives and future clients like yourself!

What does the Crew Scout Project Protection cover?

Project Protection covers video projects of all budgets and scope, but only to currently active projects. We cannot cover projects that have already been marked as complete

Project Protection does not cover work that has been completed outside the original project brief / project details, (we cannot guarantee payment for video creatives who agree to do additional work on a project originally activated on Crew scout).

What if a project owner or content producer doesn’t get back to you?

Crew scout strives to be a high-quality marketplace, which means that we require professionalism from both parties. This also means that communication is always a high priority.

We ask that input on a project part should not be delayed by more than 7 days from the delivery date (unless there’s a valid reason, and both parties agree). In the extremely rare event that either a project owner or member has disappeared for more than 7 days without warning, you can reach out to Crew scout for Project Protection.

What if a project owner refuses to confirm that the project is complete?

If a content producer believes that the work is complete but a project owner disagrees, either party can reach out to Crew scout for Project Protection.

Applying for Project Protection helps minimise risk for both parties, and it allows Crew scout to review the full agreement and scope of the project and access the work that was done. Crew scout will then come up with a resolution to determine allocation of funds. There are a few factors that Crew scout takes into consideration, such as the quality of work, delays and quality of communication.

Crew scout’s resolutions are final, non-reversible and in case either party should disagree, Crew scout cannot be held liable.

Please view our terms and conditions for more information

What if i’m not happy with the work?

Every effort is made by Crew Scout to provide membership to video creatives who have a passion for delivering quality work every time, we really do take this seriously here. But in the rare event that you are unhappy with the standard of work supplied by a video creative, either a video creative or a project owner can ask for Project Protection. This means that Crew Scout will jump in and find a fair compensation amount for both parties, depending on the quality of work, delays, and quality of communication.

Crew Scout’s resolutions are final, non-reversible and in case either party should disagree, Crew Scout cannot be held liable.

Why does Crew Scout charge fees and how do they work?

Crew Scouts fees are extremely competitive and are necessary to cover payment security and all transaction fees. They also cover the cost of running and constant development of the site, as well as allowing us to offer ongoing support before, during, and after your project.

Our fees consists of a 6 – 10% fee collected from the crew member upon booking (depending on value of the project – the higher the value, the lower our fee).

When does a project owner need to pay for the project?

Before any work begins on a project, you’ll need to fund your project. But don’t worry, your funds aren’t released to your hired video creative until you mark their work as complete.

It is very common in the video production industry for creatives to request 50% or even the full cost of the project upfront. This ensures the video creative that you have the funds available to pay for the work.

What is the problem with this traditional up-front method? For project owners to pay 50% or even the full cost of the project before any work has begun whatsoever is quite a large risk to take. We solve these risks by putting the funds in a secure vault which let’s the video creative know that you have the funds ready. The great part is that the money isn’t actually deposited into their account until you are happy with the work and have marked the work as complete.

Crew scout accepts payments by direct debit (free) or credit / debit card.

What currency are project budgets in?

At this stage, all project budgets are listed in Australian dollars (AUD).

Do I have to choose a pitch?

Once the pitching deadline has arrived, it’s time to choose your favourite video creating. In the rare event that you do not like any of the pitches, you don’t have to choose a pitch. Simply let us know and we will close the project for you.

We do know our community very well, by getting in touch we can suggest some other options for you.

My project is confidential. How can i ensure it is kept that way?

If you want to harness the power of Crew Scout whilst still keeping your project confidential there are a few things you can do.

  1. Post your project as ‘hidden’. Whilst the project board can only be seen by logged in (and vetted) content producers, posting your project as hidden provides extra piece of mind, we will specifically tell search engines not the crawl your project.
  2. Submit a high level brief leaving out any specific confidential details, you can then choose to share details only with the pitches you like the most.

What is Crew Scout’s fee?

Crew Scouts fees are extremely competitive and are necessary to cover payment security and all transaction fees. They also cover the cost of running and constant development of the site, as well as allowing us to offer ongoing support before, during, and after your project.

Our fees consists of a 6 – 10% fee collected from the crew member upon booking (depending on value of the project – the higher the value, the lower our fee).


How long should my video go for?

This depends entirely on your content, what message you are portraying and sometimes, even your target audience. If your target audience is a captured target audience (such as an event or trade show) then your video can generally be a bit longer and go into more detail, for online social media content, aim for around 1 1/2 minutes or less. If you would like some advice on how long your video should go for, give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 or use our live chat feature (during business hours).

1. What can I use Crew Scout for?

Companies use Crew Scout to find and hire vetted video makers for their video projects. This could include:

  • Marketing videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Event highlight / wrap videos
  • Corporate communications
  • social media content
  • online commercials
  • Youtube pre-roll ads
  • ‘how-to’ & training videos and more…

Crew Scout also has a large vetted talent pool Australian wide of video Crew such as:

  • Camera Operators
  • D.O.P’s & cinematographers
  • Sound recordists
  • Video Editors
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Makeup Artists.

Finding quality video production talent takes a lot of time (and a bit of luck), we have done the hunting for you. We are invite only, letting in the best video production talent Australia has to offer.

Whether you know exactly what you want or if you need help in defining your video project, our producers can help you brainstorm your video, write your project scope, and provide a budget ballpark based on your needs.

Our focus is for you to receive pitches from video creatives based on your specific video project needs.
Want a drone in your video? You’ll only receive pitches from creatives who have proven experience in creating drone videos – simple!

Put your project in front of multiple hand-picked content producers within in a matter of minutes, saving you time and effort whilst still gaining the benefits of shopping around!

I saw a video I like – how do I get mine to look like that?

We always recommend posting examples of videos that you have seen and like. To supply a video example, simply add the link on step 2 when posting your project.


Add an example video in step 2 when posting your project.

If you don’t have a specific link, you can ask the community to suggest inspirational videos in the style box on step 2.

What is Crew Scout?

Crew Scout is an online platform that connects Australian businesses with handpicked content producers in the video production industry. Our vision is to match the right video project to the right content producer & for businesses to be genuinely excited and happy with their finished product, every single time.

Do I need to be registered for GST to be a content producer on Crew Scout?

That is up to you as a business. There are certain laws that require you to be registered for GST if you are earning over a certain amount. You will need to specify whether or not you are registered for GST when you enter your company and payment details.


Do I need an Australian ABN to be a video creative on Crew Scout?

Yes you do. All content producers will be asked for an active ABN before they are able to be paid for completed projects.

Can I adjust the suggested budget when posting my project?

Yes, you most definitely can! Our budgeting tool is accurate in most circumstances but if you feel you want to lower or increase your budget you can do this by dragging the slider up or down to match your budget or click ‘edit budget’ at the bottom of step 3.

If you would like to increase or decrease your budget by more than the slider permits then simply get in touch via our live chat feature or call us on (02) 9310 2942.

I need some help filling out my profile page

If you need some help populating your profile page then we are here to support you. The video below guides you through the quick process of filling out your profile page:



You can give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 or get in touch using our live chat feature

A well written bio with examples of your work and you brand colours can go a long way in increasing your chances of winning more work.

I need to start making my video tomorrow! Is this possible?

Yes of course! If you have an urgent need to find a video creative to start ASAP then simply post your project as urgent. More information on this here

If you would prefer us to post your urgent project for you then give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 and we will get the ball rolling for you immediately. Once we have posted your project, our system allows us to send out an instant targeted email to our video creatives telling them that your project is urgent and you need to find someone fast!

We thrive on an urgent challenge!

Can I select a preferred content producer before the deadline for pitches?

Yes you can! But bear in mind that selecting a pitch before the pitch deadline isn’t necessarily the best idea, as the pitching deadline approaches you will start to receive more pitches, by selecting a pitch before the deadline you are potentially missing out on several excellent pitches that video creative have been working on.

If you are in a rush to select a video creative there are two ways of speeding up the process:

  1. When selecting the amount of days the pitch window will be open for, select the shortest time (3 days).
  2. If you need to get the ball rolling ASAP, select ‘urgent project’ when posting your project (this can be found at the bottom of step 2 under ‘deadline for pitches from today’).
    Pitching deadlines for urgent projects are for 24 hours, we will also send out an urgent project notice to our community via email letting them know you want to see pitches ASAP. You can also mention in your brief while posting your project that you want to select a winner as soon as possible.

Can I license the latest top 40 music track for my video?

On the project posting page, you can select to include a licensed music track in your budget. This licensed track is based on the cost of sourcing and licensing high quality stock music tracks via online websites who specialise in video & tv production music track solutions.

If you would like your chosen video creative or production company to create custom music for your video or to license commercial music tracks then simply get in touch and we can help you create a custom music track brief and adjust your budget accordingly.

Please bear in mind that although it’s possible, licensing mainstream music (such as top 40 songs) can incur license & admin fees upwards of $20,000. For 99% of online video content, music libraries provide an excellent choice for quality music at a fraction of the cost.

My budget is lower than the ‘low budget’ figure, Why can’t I enter this amount?

Whilst we are always open to projects of all budgets, Crew Scout does have a healthy respect for industry standard rates and expectation of a quality final product.
If you are unable to enter your budget amount and believe that your budget is fair and realistic then simply get in touch using our live chat feature and we’ll do our best to make this happen for you.

How do you select content producers for Crew Scout membership?

One of the best features of the Crew Scout experience is knowing that the creatives pitching for your work aren’t just any ‘Joe Videoguy’ off the street. We make sure that our community members have the skills and experience necessary to realise your vision and convey that into pixels on the screen. We select our members based on the following attributes:

  • Their experience level in the industry
  • Their reputation in the industry and reviews
  • We make sure their past work is actually THEIR past work
  • We screen members with phone calls before they join to ensure great communication skills and that they have a genuine pride in their work and reputation.

Once content producers become members of the Crew scout community and begin creating videos for clients, you can view their work on our platform with attached reviews.

I would like to use interviews in my video, can you give me some tips and pointers?

Yes, absolutely! We have written an extensive guide to using interviews in your video. Interviews are a great way to get your message across to your audience in a very personal way thats easy to digest. To learn how to do this right and help your video creative get the best content, view our article here

What is an ‘individual video’?

An individual video is defined by a video that stands alone by itself. For example, if you are looking to create a multiple video content campaign for your company, which consists of:

  • 1 video for your website homepage with an approximate duration of 2 minutes
  • 1 video for your social media platform with a duration of 30 seconds.

The 2 minute video and the 30 second video would be defined as 2 individual videos in your project.

How do I join Crew Scout?

If you are an experienced and skilled content producer in Australia (e.g: video agency, production house, content agency, freelance collective, camera op, D.O.P, Sound tech, editor, motion graphics artist, producer / director) then joining Crew Scout can be the best decision you can make!

We can help you gain video production work with some of Australia’s biggest brands and companies, plus it’s free to join and pitch for work! To become a part of the community, simply head over to the join Crew Scout page and submit your details.

We will review your previous work, style and reputation in the industry and get back to you asap.

Im having trouble posting my project, can you help?

If you are unsure how to answer any of the questions on the project posting page then simply give us a call on (02) 9310 2942 or initiate the live chat feature to speak with a member of our customer service team.

We can help you define your project scope and guide you through the steps of posting your video project to the project board for content producers to pitch.

What makes a good brief?

Writing a good brief to describe your video production project is one of the most important aspects in ensuring video creatives completely understand what you are looking for with your video.
The length of the brief is in the word itself, it is meant to be brief, succinct and to the point. The clearer your message is, the more accurate and creative the pitches you receive will be.

Click here to read a valuable article on what makes a good video production brief (it could save you a lot of headaches!)

What is the whole process for creating a video with Crew Scout?

Crew scout provides an innovative and convenient way to put your video project in front of a thriving community of professional, hand-picked video creatives in Australia.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the process is as simple as possible for businesses like you to create captivating content for your audience.

Here is a dedicated article on the simple process of creating your video