Meet our content producers: Refine Media (Sydney)

Every few weeks we are featuring one of our vetted content producers on the blog, Our community comes from far and wide ranging from freelancers to video production agencies (and most roles in-between!)

This week we catch up with Simon from Sydney based video production company, Refine Media.


Can you tell us a little bit about Refine Media?


Refine Media is a Sydney-based corporate video production business. We often produce thought-leadership, business explainer and corporate event videos. I started the business 2 years ago after 12 years as a finance and consumer affairs TV news reporter and presenter. Our TV news experience allows us to gather the type of high quality interview based content which corporates need.


Why did you choose dive into the video production industry?


We saw a real opportunity with video. Production costs have come down markedly over the last decade, meaning businesses large and small can produce high-quality video. The boom in social media video is facilitating unprecedented demand.


Refine media Sydney


What’s been your favourite project that you have worked on so far?


Refine Media was fortunate enough to be selected to produce a series of videos for Coca-Cola, outlining its environmental initiative in Queensland. Coke is giving farmers money to find ways of reducing harmful run-off into the Great Barrier Reef. The production included two helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef which was phenomenal.


Refine Media Shooting for Coca Cola


Strangest request a client has asked of you?


Sometimes all the client care about is how good they look on camera! They often ask us to fix skin blemishes and colouring. The good news is that we can cater for their demands!


Where do you see the industry going as a whole? What are the trends that you are seeing?


The web video business is exploding. More and more businesses are cutting spend on traditional media advertising and creating more video to reach niche markets through their websites and social media. Most of the businesses we deal with want a general explainer video for their website home pages. This is usually the most potent way to illustrate what a business does, and capture the thoughts and motivations of the business owners.


Refine Media Logo


If you could travel anywhere for work, where would you go?


Did somebody say golf??


If you could witness any event in the past, present or future, what would it be?


I’m looking forward to guns being banned in the United States. This move appears to be the most obvious and overdue thing ever!


Refine Media Sydney


What does a perfect day look like to you?


Perfect day would consists of a gym visit, and round of golf and maybe a video shoot thrown in.




What is the ‘special sauce’ that Refine Media brings to video projects?


Our special sauce is storytelling. We understand business and marketing issues so we are well placed to tell complex stories effectively. Our goal is to make video production of the highest quality, while ensuring the process is simple and effective for our clients.


Refine Media Sydney


Need a video? Refine Media and the rest of our community are waiting to work with you!





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