Meet our content producers: The Edit Suite (Gold Coast, Queensland)

Every few weeks we are featuring one of our vetted content producers on the blog, Our community comes from far and wide ranging from freelance video crew to video production agencies (and most roles in-between!)

This week we catch up with Josh & Kara from Gold Coast based video production company, The Edit Suite.


Can you tell us a little bit about The Edit Suite?


We (Josh and Kara Hamilton) love creating all types of videos and have the skills to cater for basically any type of production from high end TVC’ to small business promos, motion graphics videos as well as high end photography. The Edit Suite has been around for 2 years but we have over 10 years in the industry.


Why did you choose dive into the video production industry?


Because we wanted to do what we loved more so started our own business!


The edit Suite - green screen


What’s been your favourite project that you have worked on so far?


We’ve done so many but a couple that stand out was Monster Jam because those trucks are awesome! Also working on projects for the AFL are really fun!


The Edit Suite - On Location


Strangest request a client has asked of you?


We did a shoot for Virgin mobile which involved a client testimonial on a roller coaster with 7 drag queens. Very random.


Where do you see the industry going as a whole? What are the trends that you are seeing?


More and more businesses everyday are contacting us for videos to be created because they are seeing how powerful it is. Video is definitely now well and truly the best way to engage with potential customers. We create a lot of social media videos which really proves that. Facebook live is more of a consumer thing as opposed to a pro thing still as is 360 video so we have not really headed down that road yet as they are both still quite limited. One day they might but for now it’s still very niche.


The Edit Suite - Logo


If you could travel anywhere for work, where would you go?


Anywhere in Australia! We love traveling anywhere in this amazing country but we also travel abroad and have done shoots in Singapore, NZ, Indo and more.


If you could witness any event in the past, present or future, what would it be?


It would have pretty crazy too film at the 1936 Olympics. We just watched a movie called Race which had us thinking.


The Edit Suite - Greenscreen


What was the first music concert you ever went to?


Korn in 1996 🙂


What preparations do you go through before going on a shoot?


Charge batteries. Looooots of batteries….


Cheapest part of your kit that you think was the best value for money?


A 10 cent coin for the tripod baseplates 🙂


What is your favourite piece of equipment that you own / wish you owned?


We own a looot of gear but we always want more lenses. You can never have enough good glass.




What is the ‘special sauce’ that The Edit Suite brings to video projects?


Probably our strength is that we have worked on so many different types of projects and really can do it all. We don’t like to have any weakness so if there is something we don’t know we will study it until we are good at it. We still do this like it was the first day we did it and always will.



Need a video? The Edit Suite and the rest of our community are waiting to work with you!





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