Sony fs5 vs fs700 camera test – slow motion surfing!

Sony fs5 camera test (vs fs700) in Bondi, Australia – with slow motion surfing!



The first thing that i need to mention in this article is that unfortunately we only had a few hours with the FS5 so we were in a bit of a rush, one of the main side effects to come out of this? In the rush of packing the gear into the car we forgot the tripod!!

Yep, rookie mistake i know and to be honest it was (probably) the first time in my career when i have forgot to pack the tripod… Saying that at least makes me feel a little better anyway.


When we arrived at the beach, i had a look around in the back of the car camera car and found a glidecam HD4000 which was from a job i worked on during the previous week, prefect! This will be our half tripod / half monopod for today.


My first impressions of the FS5 was how light and compact it was, this is obviously the FS7’s little brother both in physical terms and technical. Being an FS700 owner the learning curve for the initial setup was very easy, and the menus and physical buttons are all familiar.


It would be nice to have an option to put all the camera data outside of the main picture area at the cost of a smaller viewfinder, i didn’t have time to delve into the menus enough to see if this was possible though.


The image from the camera itself was a clear winner in my eyes and considering the FS700 is now quite a few years older, this is no surprise, it was a lot easier to handle the highlights of the whitewater, especially in the slow motion shots.


Having the 50mbps internal is a big step up in convenience for me, it eliminates the need for an odyssey (or even a nanoflash!) hanging off the back of my camera to record a higher bit rate. The rate in which my clients are asking for UHD or 4k is starting to really increase, and having the option to record 4k internally is now finally a tipping point for me and i’m sold on one.


I’ll leave you to make up your mind from the video regarding the picture quality.


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