Need to find video crew in Australia urgently? This is how you do it!

Yep, we get it! That videographer you were meant to book in last week didn’t quite happen because you had a million other things to sort out right? Or maybe you did book in the videographer but you’ve just been told you that he/she accidentally left the camera on the train last night so you should find someone else…

“Stop telling me what i already know” I hear you say… Ok. Let’s get straight to it. This is how you find video crew very quickly:


Post an urgent video crew project on Crew Scout


When you post an urgent project on Crew Scout, we will INSTANTLY notify our vetted talent pool of video crew in your area. Their notification will also have a nice big red URGENT PROJECT sign attached to it so they will know you need someone fast. On most projects, our video crew can submit their availability and interest in around 5 seconds with just one click / tap.

All you need to do is select what type of crew you need (production company, videographer, camera operator etc), select what location, write a short description of the project and then make sure you select the URGENT project upgrade just before you submit the project. Voila! Now you just need to hang on for 30 seconds – 1 minute while we notify suitable members. They can then submit their available and interest if they wish.


Need to find video crew fast?


Case study & testimonial:

Milane recently posted an urgent project in Sydney with the following project description:



“We need to find a cameraman within the next hour to film an event in North Sydney. Camera equipment with a lapel microphone to put on the speaker required.Raw Footage only to supply to client.”

Within 5-10 minutes, Milane received a number of pitches from our local talent pool of cameramen who are based in Sydney. She picked her favourite cameraman and 45 minutes later, Morri from Perspective Films was setting up the tripod ready to begin the shoot. This is what Milane had to say about her experience using Crew Scout:

  • "This is amazing! Where have you been?!! We will definitely be finding our video guys through you in the future, Morri was great!"

    Milane S
    Milane SJDL Strategies
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