Video crew rates – how much does it cost to hire video crew?

The online video industry (and to some extent, the broadcast TV industry) is a highly fragmented industry with a large difference in video crew rates for hiring talent across the board.

There a lot of factors that come into play if you are looking to hire video crew to work on your video or a production company to create your video. Firstly, it’s a good idea to break it down into two main groups:


Full service video / end to end production


This means that (generally) you are looking for a finished product such as an edited piece of content that is ready to upload and distribute. This type of project is usually created by a team of people or a production company.

The emphasis is on getting to know your brand and understanding your target audience before pressing the record button. Production companies can also help you with the creative aspect of your project and how to get your message across. Engaging with a production company is strongly recommended if you have not done any video marketing before or do not have a staff member who has experience with the video production process.

The cost to enlist the services of a production company depends on a variety of factors including the type of project, filming location and the length of the finished video. We have just released a brand new version of our unique instant video production cost estimator. By answering a few quick and simple questions on the specifics of your video, you will receive an instant ballpark cost for each range of crew or production company in Australia. This ranges from ‘one-man band’ freelance videographers to high end creative agencies.


Video crew cost estimator


Individual / specific video crew roles


If you are looking to hire a specific crew role such as a camera operator, sound recordist or video editor there are a few things to keep in mind before hiring. Freelance crew are very good at their particular role and are generally hired for their services on the day of your booking. This means that with their rate comes little to no pre-production or project management.

Depending on the role, crew will generally expect to be directed and given a brief of the project and their requirements on the day they are booked. For example, if you hire a camera operator for one day, their day rate comes with little creative input before the day. This should be kept in mind and if you are looking for some creative help with your video it may be a good idea to enlist the help of a production company instead.

Hiring individual video crew for your project will be cheaper than hiring a production company but it will generally require more project management from you. It can be a great way to save money if you (or your staff) are experienced with video production and have an established idea of what content needs to be created.


Crew rates have three main influences:


Experience & equipment


This one is quite straightforward – the more experience the crew member has, the higher their day rate. You will be surprised at just how much work is involved in making a good video compared to making a great video! Experienced crew can give you piece of mind that you will be getting quality each and every time.

The amount of equipment required impacts the day rate. When you post your project on Crew Scout, if you request a crew member with equipment, there is a base standard kit that we ask all members to have (this differs on the type of crew member you need). Specialist equipment (such as a portable green screen for example) will increase video crew day rates and they will take this into account when submitting their quote to you.


Location of the shoot


Video crew in major cities will generally have higher rates than rural areas. This is especially true for camera operators who need to pay extra for the space needed to store all the equipment. In Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are the most expensive cities to hire crew (but with this comes more choice and options), followed by Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.


Complexity of the project & destination of the content


Added complexity can increase the video crew day rate. The destination of the content may also influence the rate. For example, broadcast TV commercial work generally attracts a higher rate compared to simple straight forward online video content destined for social media due to the higher quality expectations and regulations in place.


Want to get an instant ballpark cost for individual video crew?

We have just released a brand new version of our instant video crew cost estimator! By answering a couple of quick questions such as what type of crew you need, where you need them and for how long, our tool will provide an instant ballpark cost estimate.

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